Thanking Saul for his service

By Nahanni Fontaine, MLA for St. Johns

As published in The Times January 20, 2017

<p>By Nahanni Fontaine, MLA for St. Johns</p>

<p>As published in The Times January 20, 2017</p>

One of the most cherished St. Johns MLAs, Saul Cherniak celebrated an incredible milestone earlier this month when he turned 100 years old.

Saul served as the MLA for St. Johns from 1962 to 1981. While I do not have enough space for a full rendering of Saul’s varied and illustrious career, allow me to highlight but a few details.

Saul served with the Royal Canadian Artillery and the Intelligence Corps of the Canadian Army. He was an accomplished lawyer. While in government, Saul served as Minister of Finance. During Edward Schreyer’s administration, Saul was one of the Premier’s most trusted confidantes. Saul is well known, and respected, for his intellect, integrity and commitment to confronting Manitoba’s toughest issues head-on. After retiring from politics, Saul was a member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee overseeing the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Saul’s phenomenal work was acknowledged with an Order of Canada and an Order of Manitoba.

Saul’s incredible work has paved the way for the MLAs that followed him, including Judy Wasylycia-Leis, who served as the MLA for St. Johns from 1986 to 1993, and Gord Mackintosh, who served as the MLA for St. Johns from 1993 to 2016. As the fourth generation and member of this Fab Four crew, I am so grateful and humbled to continue serving as St. Johns’ MLA. Saul has been an inspiration for me as I work to continue building community, friendships and family in St. Johns and I feel so honoured that I was able to celebrate his birthday with him.

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion Gord, Judy, Saul, and I teamed up for the St. Johns’ Fab Four Gala Dinner and Dance on Jan. 21. We enjoyed delicious food together and danced the night away with many members of our community at the Maples Collegiate Commons. It was a wonderful night of celebration for my dear friend Saul and also for celebrating the vibrancy and strength that we’ve continued to see in St. Johns over four generations of NDP MLAs. Meegwetch to everyone who helped make this event such a great success.

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