Gym for Kelvin still a community goal

Every community knows the importance of having a safe place for their kids to play, and keep active.

Local recreational spaces play a key role in encouraging active living, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and providing community members with a place to come together, and support one another at different events.

Here in Fort Rouge, I’ve been speaking with parents, students, teachers, and alumni from Kelvin High School, who have been expressing how important this kind of facility is for their school and the community.

Kelvin is one of the largest high schools in the city, and its current gym is not large enough to serve all the students. For many Kelvin students, phys-ed credits are being filled in the hallways or on their own time at private gyms.

A new Active Living Centre would mean that students would finally be able to meet their gym requirement within school hours, and at the school. It would also mean a new practice space for their school sports teams, and an area to hold concerts, plays, and dances.

The project to build a new Kelvin Active Living Centre has been in the works for over 20 years, and the Kelvin community has been working tirelessly to raise money to make this project a reality.

They have raised more than a million dollars to date.

They have organized socials, wine and cheese fundraisers, and bake sales all in support of a new Kelvin Active Living Centre. Many community partners were also involved to make sure the space would be open for events on weekends, evenings, and during the summer. While Kelvin High School recently received disappointing news that the project will no longer be going ahead, they have not given up.

This coming April, Kelvin High School will be holding its second annual Alumni and Community Social to raise money for new gym equipment.

Tickets are being sold for $20, and I would encourage all of you to come out and show your support.

I would like to thank the Kelvin community for their commitment to this project, and express my own words of support.

If you would like to sign a petition in support of the Kelvin Active Living Centre please contact me by email at, or call my office at 204-615-1922.