Amazed by commitment of students

By Nahanni Fontaine, MLA for St. Johns

As published in The Times July 24, 2017

This past June, I had the pleasure of attending multiple school graduations in St. Johns.

As a mother who attended every one my two children’s various graduation ceremonies from daycare to elementary to high school, I understand the pride and emotions parents feel witnessing their children’s accomplishments. This year, I was amazed at the commitment the students displayed to build our St. Johns community.

I believe it is important for young students to volunteer, because it means giving back to the community without expecting fame or accolades in return. That’s why I wanted to set up a bursary award which would reward local students for their excellence in volunteering in or outside of school. I decided to find a long-serving St. Johns volunteer to honour by setting up the award in their name.

When I learned about a community member named Angelica Houston, I realized she was the ideal choice.

Mrs. Houston volunteered for the Winnipeg School Division for over 40 years, and spent the last eleven years volunteering at Luxton Elementary School. Angie also dedicated her life to raising her two biological children as well as fostering four children from birth.

Because of Angie’s long dedication to our schools with a kindness and generosity that extends beyond volunteering, I knew she would be the perfect model for our young people.

I am pleased to announce that several students and student groups became the first recipients of this new bursary award. These recipients were: Tritha Biswa from Champlain School; the Grade 8 Philanthropy Group from École Seven Oaks Middle School; The Governor Semple School Safety Patrols; Brandi Howard Young from Inkster School; Terek Kozuska from Luxton School; Marven Mabunga from St. John’s High School; and Airius Stranger Courchane from Victory School.

Congratulations to all the students who graduated this year. It was an honour and source of pride to witness Manitoba’s next generation of leaders transition into their new journeys.