Local events great models for youth

By Nahanni Fontaine, MLA for St. Johns

As published in The Times September 5, 2017

It has been an incredible summer out here in St. Johns.

I have been just bursting with community pride because of the great examples I have recently seen of the community spirit that brings us all together. We are so fortunate to have many strong and passionate community members who work hard to find ways to gather us all together. Over the month of August there were two great events at St. John’s Park that were organized to do just that.

The first event was the Rockin’ the Village concert, which was organized by Got Bannock Inc. It was a free concert with many talented musicians that was planned in lieu of Aboriginal Music Week.

There were also games, activities, and some very delicious food provided by a couple of special volunteers. Simryn and Jasmyn Singh are two sisters who have been cooking up a storm and giving food to people in need in order to give back and help others.

They used their cooking skills for Rockin’ the Village and cooked for the 600 people who attended! It was so great meeting these young girls who are sharing their talents and already making such a difference in the lives of the people around them.

The second event at St. John’s Park was the 19th Annual Picnic in the Park. This free community lunch and dinner has been a great community celebration in the North End.

This year we got to enjoy more great food, graffiti art programming, and a water balloon toss! I also got to see two more talented siblings who helped make this event a great success. Double the Trouble is a band made up of two 13-year-old twin brothers who play alongside their dad. Their singing and fiddling was full of so much energy, people couldn’t help but get up and dance. It was great to see another example of the youth in our community and how they are being active in contributing to their communities.

The sisters and brothers I met at these two events really highlighted the beauty and potential of youth for me.

They are great models for other youth in showing how they can embrace your talents, make a difference in the world, and reach their full potential. I can’t wait to see what they do next and hope to see more and more youth showing their communities how wonderful they are.

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