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Nahanni Fontaine, MLA St. Johns
March 15, 2017

Manitoba Delegation of "Daughters of the Vote"

Madam Speaker, While the lack of human rights for women and girls manifests itself differently across the globe, I’m sure we can all agree on the importance of equitable space of women and girls; notably within predominantly male political space. In honour of the 100-Year Anniversary of some women getting the vote, Equal Voice established the “Daughters of the Vote” which saw a national competition for young women ages 18 to 23 to represent the 338 Parliamentary ridings across Canada in the House of Commons.

Equal Voice sought to advance the number of women elected to political office by creating physical space for them within Canada’s political institutions. On International Women’s Day, Daughters of the Vote saw 338 young women fill every single seat in the House of Commons for the very first time in Canadian history. Manitoba was represented by fourteen extraordinary young women from across the Province including six Indigenous women.

One of Manitoba’s de legates, Brielle Beardy, made history by being the first ever transgendered women to take a seat in Parliament. Three of our Manitoba delegates had the opportunity to present to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women on Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls. Shania Pruden even got the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a question in the House – which he didn’t quite answer!

I was invited by Equal Voice to render a keynote speech and participate a panel with other women elected officials and was honoured to be able to spend time not only with our Manitoba delegates; but also with phenomenal young women from across Canada. Madam Speaker, I rise in the House, to simply say how proud I am of all the young women from across the country who participated in Daughters of the Vote and that I lift each and every one of them up for their strength, intelligence, brilliance and determination. Please help me in welcoming Manitoba’s next generation of Leaders.

Dedicated to all the Daughters of the Vote delegates across Canada; including Manitoba’s delegation: Brielle Beardy, Jessica Fortier, Jacqueline Keena, Jodene Kowalchuk, Carly McLellan, Sappfyre Mcleod, Taylor Morriseau, Johise Namwira, Shania Pruden, Alana Robert, Abilgail Theano-Pudwill, Chimwemwe Undi, Jayden Wlasichuk, Racheal Wu.