As Blackout Begins Stefanson Hides Government Failures


Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB - Today the Manitoba NDP shared documents that show Heather Stefanson’s PCs are changing Government websites to remove information about their failing record on health care, crime and the economy to hide it from Manitobans. 

Heather Stefanson doesnt want Manitobans to see the truth of how shes failing to fix health care, reduce crime and grow our economy and her Government is now scrubbing their failures from the public record,” said Nahanni Fontaine, Opposition House Leader. “This information belongs to Manitobans and it shouldn’t be hidden from them”. 

Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson created the “Manitoba Measuring Progress” website in 2019 to track Government’s “progress and performance in key priority areas that support achieving better outcomes and improving quality of life for Manitobans”. The PCs publicly claimed this would be an example of a transparent Government that is accountable.

The last publicly available update of the website shows Manitoba was failing on wait times for urgent care patients, was failing on ensuring courts worked quickly and that net migration was getting worse.  

Sometime in summer 2023, all tracking and reporting information was removed from the website because the “global pandemic has presented exceptional circumstances”, according to a posted statement.

Heather Stefanson will do anything to hide her failures, including deleting a Government website - that’s wrong and she should stop using Government power for partisan purposes,” said Fontaine. Manitobans know the truth - her government abandoned seniors, created a crisis in health care and has plans for more cuts to our schools.”