Better Health Care for Families Top Priority for NDP as Legislature Resumes

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB - As the crisis in Winnipeg hospitals gets worse and more rural ERs close, the Manitoba NDP is returning to the Legislature to hold Premier Stefanson accountable for her cuts and fight for better health care for families. 

“Manitobans work hard, they contribute to our province and in return they expect the government to deliver a health care system that’s there for them when they need it,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “But that deal has been broken, first by Brian Pallister and now by Premier Stefanson. Our team won’t let Premier Stefanson deny her cuts to health care or hide from the chaos – we're going to the legislature to hold the PCs accountable and stand up for Manitobans. It will take years to fix the damage the PCs caused, but we’re ready to work alongside frontline health care staff to ensure every Manitoban can get quality care at the bedside.”  

For weeks, frontline health care staff and patients have been speaking out about the growing wait times and crowded hallways in Winnipeg ERs. On September 14, the Interlake-Eastern Health Authority stated that the Eriksdale ER would be temporarily closed until September 26, but the closure has now been extended to October 15. In the Thompson hospital, 16 of 32 nursing positions in the ER are vacant. Meanwhile the PCs refuse to share any data regarding the surgery backlog and have failed to deliver on their promise of an online dashboard so families know how long they have to wait.  

Today is the first day in the House for Thompson MLA Eric Redhead, who will hold the government accountable for Northern health care cuts. In addition to fighting PC Health Care cuts, the NDP will fight back against the five PC bills they delayed in the last sitting including Bill 36 that will raise hydro rates and Bill 22 that would make it easier to spray harmful pesticides in areas where children and communities gather.  

“Premier Stefanson told Manitobans she would be different than Brian Pallister, but one year into her term as Premier her agenda remains the same as his,” said NDP House Leader Nahanni Fontaine. “She’s making life more expensive for regular families by raising hydro rates while giving her hand-picked Hydro CEO a big Christmas bonus. And she’s cutting health care and education to give handouts to billionaires and big corporations. Manitobans are counting on us fight back and present a better plan for families and communities.”