Very soon, the PC government will be introducing a new provincial budget, which will dictate how much funding goes to our most critical services—like our hospitals and schools, Manitoba Hydro and much more.

Every Manitoban will feel the impact of the PCs’ budget. Over the last six years, their cuts have put many of things families need at risk. Since they were elected, the PCs have put cuts ahead of the health of families. They closed emergency rooms and cut ICU beds. They caused a shortage of nurses and health care workers. They abandoned seniors living in long-term care.

They’ve done too much damage to our province. It’s time for a new approach.

Our NDP team is checking in with you to hear your thoughts for a stronger province. We'll take those good ideas with us into the Legislature as we fight for a budget that makes life healthier and more affordable.

Please answer our short 2 question survey.

As the PC government makes their budget for the next year, what do you think their top priorities should be?