Fix Manitoba Healthcare

Together, Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson cut our health care system--and it’s hurt the care you and your family rely on. Their PC government closed half the emergency rooms in Winnipeg. They fired nurses and caused chaos for front line staff. They even cut cancer funding and closed cancer clinics.

You deserve a health care system that works for you. That means taking care of the workers who take care of us. It means providing every patient with dignity and the very best care. The Official Opposition has a plan to start fixing health care.

While the PC's abandon families, we've got a plan to fix health care.

  1. Hire more nurses and frontline health care workers and respect their work life balance
  2. End the Surgery and testing backlog.
  3. Invest in rural hospital and paramedics, end patient transfers.
  4. Improve seniors care so Manitobans can age with Dignity.