Kinew: Federal C-21 Amendments an Overreach

As the House of Commons stopped sitting for the Holiday Season Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew called on the Federal Government to withdraw amendments made to federal Bill C-21.

“These last minute amendments  are causing concerns with hunters, farmers and people who want their kids to learn how to live off the land,” said Kinew. “It’s an overreach that doesn’t make our communities safer. The federal government should take a step back and withdraw these new amendments.”

Bill C-21 was introduced in Parliament as a ban on assault-style weapons. At second reading, a federal government backbencher introduced amendments that would appear to significantly expand definitions used in the bill to include any rifle or shotgun that could accept a magazine with five rounds or more, impacting many commonly used hunting rifles and shotguns.

“Sneaking in last-minute amendments is the not the way to respect legitimate rights of hunters and Indigenous groups,” said Matt Wiebe. “As a gun owner who follows the rules I know these amendments do not get it right. We need better gun laws that keep families safe but don’t impact legitimate practices of hunters and the rights of Indigenous groups.