Letter to Premier Stefanson On The Escalating Convoy Crisis in Manitoba

Premier Heather Stefanson
204 Legislative Building
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

February 11, 2022

Premier Stefanson, 

I am writing you today to request your Government immediately form an Incident Command Table (ICT) to deal with the escalating convoy crisis in Manitoba. This incident command table could be modelled after the province's Unified Health Incident Management COVID-19 Structure and should include representatives from the Federal Government, municipal officials from impacted regions including Winnipeg, Steinbach, and Emerson, law enforcement as well as emergency measures experts. The goal should be to take swift action to deescalate the current crisis and bring about a quick resolution to the threats posed by the convoy. 

Manitobans agree the actions seen yesterday, including the shutdown of one of our most important trade corridors, the border crossing at Pembina/Emerson, the lockdown of Steinbach Regional Secondary School, and the continued occupation of downtown Winnipeg, all by anti-vaccine protestors operating under the name of the convoy, are unacceptable.

As Premier your government needs to send a clear message that it is time for the convoy to end and for these disruptions to cease. We have seen action from other Progressive Conservative governments in Canada. Your inattentiveness to this issue is inexcusable.

The Official Opposition stands ready to assist in any way that we can. I look forward to your prompt attention to this matter and quick reply.


Wab Kinew
Leader of the Official Opposition