Manitoba NDP Caucus Calls for Accountability: PCs Violated Ethics Rules on Sio Silica


Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Metis – Today, Manitoba NDP Caucus Chair and Riel MLA Mike Moyes filed two formal complaints with the Manitoba Ethics Commissioner Jeffrey Schnoor. Moyes called on the Commissioner to investigate PC Leader Heather Stefanson and PC MLA Jeff Wharton for their attempts to violate the caretaker convention and push through a major mining project after being defeated in the 2023 election.

“During the transition period after the election, outgoing PC ministers attempted to use their office to improperly push through approval of the Sio Silica mining project,” said Moyes. “According to Stefanson’s own former cabinet ministers, this is corruption and unacceptable behavior from elected officials. Our team has called on the Manitoba Ethics Commissioner to look into this matter so there can be independent investigation and accountability.”

Just days after the PC government was defeated in the provincial election, PC MLA Jeff Wharton pressured at least two of his cabinet colleagues, former Families Minister and Riel MLA Rochelle Squires and former Environment Minister and Kirkfield Park MLA Kevin Klein to issue a ministerial directive to approve a license for the highly controversial Sio Silica mining project. Numerous public reports indicate Stefanson was aware of these efforts and, in addition, she herself is in a conflict of interest.  

“Manitobans deserve the best from their MLAs,” said Moyes. “Instead, Jeff Wharton and Heather Stefanson used their privileged positions to violate the trust that Manitobans gave them. There must be accountability. We look forward to the results of the investigation.”