Manitoba NDP Caucus Stands with Hydro Workers Against Higher Rates and Lower Wages

            Heather Stefanson’s Bill 36 will increase hydro rates and put good jobs at risk

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB--Today Wab Kinew, leader of the Official Opposition and Adrien Sala, critic for Manitoba Hydro, stood with front line Hydro workers and called on Heather Stefanson’s PC Government to stop bill 36 immediately.

“Families are struggling with increases to the cost of living for basics like gas and groceries. We know just like Brian Pallister Premier Stefanson is trying to raise hydro rates while undermining good jobs at hydro” said Kinew. “We’re proud to stand with front line Hydro workers against the PCs agenda. With the fall and winter months approaching, Manitobans can’t afford a 5% increase to their hydro bills like Bill 36 calls for – this is why Bill 36 needs to be stopped today”.

Just like Brian Pallister’s failed Bill 35, Premier Stefanson’s Bill 36 will undermine independent public oversight of hydro rates by the Public Utilities Board while forcing through increases of up to 5% per year on regular families’ hydro bills. It will also undermine Hydro by opening the door for further privatization of Hydro by the PCs after they sold off one profitable subsidiary and wound down Manitoba Hydro International.

“We know the PCs will use any means to make Manitobans pay higher rates for Hydro while attacking front line workers. The PCs have caused two strikes at Hydro in two years while cutting wages and jobs all while they raised rates – that’s wrong”, said Sala. “We need for the PCs to back off from interfering in Hydro and to withdraw their Bill 36 today”.