NDP Calls on Stefanson to Pull Advertising


Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB - On the last day before the election blackout for government advertising, the Official Opposition demanded the Premier say whether she will continue to waste taxpayer money with her advertising campaign after August 4th. 

“Heather Stefanson knows Manitobans are tired of her Government’s failing record on health care and education, so she changed the law to try and exploit a loophole. It was a desperate move, but our demand is clear: will Stefanson keep using taxpayer money to mislead Manitobans or will she follow the law and stop this waste of money now?” said Adrien Sala, Finance critic. 

In the middle of the pandemic, along with Bill 64 and other bad legislation, former Premier Brian Pallister forced through serious and significant changes to Manitoba’s election laws. As a result, the election blackout for Government advertising was reduced to 60 days from 90 and a number of loopholes were created. These loopholes allow government advertising to continue if it is “in continuation of earlier advertising.” The guidelines have also recently been updated to appear to allow for the Premier to continue her advertising campaign for the Surgical and Diagnostic Task Force.  

The Government advertising blackout for the 2023 General Election begins August 4th.

“It’s clear Heather Stefanson doesn’t care about election laws. According to the Elections Commissioner, she broke them in July by using Government resources to try and tip the scales in her party’s favour during a by-election, and she broke the law again during her leadership contest”, said Matt Wiebe, Justice Critic. “The Premier needs to tell Manitobans if she will stop wasting millions in taxpayer dollars advertising fake government announcements when the blackout begins”, added Wiebe.