NDP delay PCs Hydro bill to keep rates low for families

April 25, 2022 

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB – As the cost of groceries and gas goes up for families across Manitoba, the NDP are delaying a PC bill that would allow the government to raise hydro rates by 5% at the cabinet table. They announced they would delay the bill alongside hydro workers and IBEW.  

“Manitoba families are stretching every dollar right now – the last thing they need is another PC rate hike on their monthly hydro bill,” said NDP critic for Hydro Adrien Sala. “We know Manitobans want to strengthen our crown corporation and keep it public so we can have low rates and good clean energy jobs for years to come. But the PCs are intent on pushing through Brian Pallister’s rate hike bill under a new name. Just like we stopped Bill 35, we’ll delay Bill 36 to keep hydro public and affordable, and free from cabinet control.”  

Just like Pallister’s Bill 35 that families, IBEW and hydro workers opposed, Bill 36 undermines the PUB by effectively allowing cabinet to set hydro rates by 5% per year. The bill also opens the door to privatization by allowing the retail sale of power by “persons other than Manitoba hydro.”  

“Brian Pallister is gone but his plan for hydro is still here,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “Premier Stefanson had the chance to strengthen public oversight and keep rates low for families and small businesses but she chose to stick with Pallister’s failed plan instead, a plan that makes life more expensive for the average family and puts more power into the hands of the PCs. That’s not right. Manitoba Hydro belongs to Manitobans and we’ll fight to keep it that way and make life more affordable.”