NDP Demand PC Cabinet Abandon Pallister’s Harmful Agenda

August 11, 2021

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg MB— The day after Premier Pallister’s resignation, Wab Kinew stood outside the Legislature with members of his NDP Caucus to demand the PC Cabinet abandon Pallister’s harmful agenda. The NDP called on PC Ministers to take a stand and make life better for Manitoba families by announcing they will throw out the five bills the NDP delayed in the last Legislative session.

“Manitoba families want a better future and they deserve a government that listens to them and focuses on what they need most,” said Kinew. “It’s clear that Manitoba families oppose the Premier’s agenda of cuts and privatization. We delayed these five bad PC bills to stand up for working families, keep Hydro bills low, and protect our schools. Now it’s time for Pallister’s PC cabinet ministers to make a choice - will they listen to families or follow through with Pallister’s harmful agenda?”

In the last Legislative session the NDP delayed Bill 64 to give parents and school staff time to learn about the bill and fight back. Because of their action, a vocal majority of Manitobans, including parents, teachers and school staff have publicly criticized the bill and signed up to speak at committee in record numbers.

In addition to Bill 64, the NDP delayed Bill 35 to keep Hydro bills low. The NDP also delayed Bill 16, the PCs anti-worker bill that would erode worker’s fundamental rights and make life harder for families during a pandemic, and Bill 57 that undermines Manitobans’ democratic rights to gather for peaceful protest. The NDP also delayed Bill 40 to fight the addictions crisis and keep communities safe.

“Pallister’s Ministers have stood by him every step of the way and they continue to stand behind these bad bills that make life harder for Manitobans,” said NDP House Leader Nahanni Fontaine. “Any cabinet minister who continues to stand behind these bills is confirming that Pallister’s legacy will continue whether he’s in the Premier’s chair or not.”