NDP Demand PCs Lift Stop-Sell Order on Manitoba Hydro Telecom and End Political Interference by Killing Bill 35

August 25, 2021

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg MB—One year after the PCs ordered Manitoba Hydro Telecom(MHT) to stop taking on new contracts, the NDP are demanding the PCs lift the stop-sell order and come clean about the total revenue losses that resulted from their political interference. The NDP are also calling on the PCs to end their political interference in the Crown Corporation by killing Bill 35, a piece of PC legislation that allows hydro rates to be set at the cabinet table without public oversight.

“Manitobans are proud owners of Manitoba Hydro and they want our most valuable Crown Corporation to stay public so we can have low rates, clean energy and good jobs in our province for years to come,” said NDP Critic for Hydro, Adrien Sala. “But the PCs political interference in Hydro puts all of that at risk. Manitobans have a right to know how much public money was lost by the PCs decision to interfere in Hydro by issuing a stop-sell order last year.And the PCs need to commit to lifting the order today.”

MHT is a profitable subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro International, which was ordered to wind down operations in September 2019. MHT provides broadband services throughout the province.

“By freezing the operations of MHT, the PCs restricted the ability of local ISPs to expand broadband services during the pandemic when more families than ever relied on an internet connection for remote learning and work,” said Sala. “This is proof of how PC interference in Hydro is harming families and that’s why we delayed Bill 35-a bill that would pave the way for even more PC interference in Hydro. Manitoba Hydro belongs to all Manitobans and we’re fighting to keep it that way.”