NDP Demands PCs Stop Hydro Rate Increase

August 13, 2021

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg MB—Wab Kinew and the NDP called on the PC government to stop their plan to raise Hydro rates by 2.5% this December and to let the Public Utilities Board set rates instead.

“Manitoba Hydro is the key to making life cleaner, safer and more affordable. But Brian Pallister made it clear his government is planning to raise Hydro bills by another 2.5% this Christmas. It would be the second Hydro increase in a year, which is just too much of a burden on working families,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “The new PC leader, whoever that may be, has a choice to make. Either they continue with Mr. Pallister’s agenda or they finally admit that their government’s record of steep Hydro hikes has hurt Manitobans.”

In July, PC Finance Minister Scott Fielding and Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton announced the province would implement a 2.5% rate hike.

NDP House Leader Nahanni Fontaine noted the PCs have so far refused to table their budget implementation legislation, which contains the rate hike. The bill, which is typically introduced in the House shortly after the government reveals their Provincial Budget, must be passed by November 4th.

“Manitoba families have been burned too many times by the PC’s mismanagement and secrecy,” said Fontaine. “Yet another big increase in Hydro bills, in the middle of a pandemic, would push many families struggling to make ends meet over the edge.”

“We know why the PCs are hiding their budget bill to the very last minute,” said NDP Hydro critic Adrien Sala. “It’s because there is a 2.5% Hydro increase hidden in it—an increase that was arbitrarily set by Mr. Pallister and his Cabinet but wasn’t approved by the Public Utilities Board. Manitoba Hydro does not need this rate hike and Manitoba families certainly do not want it. It’s time to stop Mr. Pallister’s plan, now.”