NDP Post-Secondary Critic Moses Calls for Halt to Funding Cuts

October 2, 2020

Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg MB — The Manitoba NDP has learned that the Pallister government has cut post-secondary education revenues, despite their claim to have restored their cuts.

“The Pallister government has clearly cut funding for post-secondary institutions during a pandemic, despite their claims to have backed off their cuts,” said MLA and Post-Secondary Critic Jamie Moses. “We also noted that the budget cuts led directly to cuts that impact students in the classroom: hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Education. These cuts hurt and will be felt by students and professors in the classroom.”

A budget document dated June 1, 2020 obtained by the Manitoba NDP shows the University of Winnipeg’s budget was cut by Government by $1.7 million. The documents data suggest it was last updated June 23, 2020.

“Not only will the loss of professors mean fewer choices for students, it will make class sizes bigger, and more difficult for students to get the individual support they deserve. The Pallister government needs to walk–back these cuts and invest in post-secondary institutions now, so we have a diverse and stable economy recovery in Manitoba,” added Moses.