NDP Stand with Transcona Family to Call for an End to Patient Transfers

January 31, 2022  

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Metis, Winnipeg MB— Today the Manitoba NDP stood with Melissa Carter and Florinda Apalit the daughter and wife of a 76-year-old senior with advanced dementia who was transferred from Concordia hospital to Minnedosa. The NDP called on the PCs to end patient transfers immediately and return Mr. Apalit to his home community.  

“No family should be forced to say goodbye to a loved one as they are transported hours away for healthcare,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “But because of PC cuts to healthcare and pandemic mismanagement, over 250 Manitoba families like the Apalit’s have been put in this terrible situation. Patient transfers are not the solution to healthcare cuts. The PCs need to commit to a date to end the transfers and bring Mr. Apalit home.” 

Mr. Apalit was admitted to Concordia hospital for dehydration on December 28th.  While there he sustained an injury that extended his stay. On January 26, the family was given one days' notice that he would be transported three hours away to Minnedosa. Mr. Apalit has dementia. His wife reports that he was confused and upset at the time of his transfer.  

While in the hospital Mr. Apalit’s dementia has become worse and he stopped speaking English. At Concordia hospital many healthcare aides were able to speak to Mr. Apalit in his mother tongue, Tagalog. The family is worried his health will decline while he is far away from his family. They reached out to Transcona MLA Nello Altomare, who wrote a letter on their behalf to the Health Minister, the day before his transfer, urging her to look into other options.  

“My family has done everything right throughout this pandemic,” said Melissa Carter. “We got vaccinated, we followed the rules and we expected our healthcare system to be there for us when we needed it. This is the opposite of patient-centered care, and it needs to stop.”