NDP Urge PCs to Support Schools and Renting Families

May 17, 2021

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg MB— Today the Manitoba NDP gave the PC government the opportunity to make life more affordable for renters and commit to adequate funding for schools. The NDP proposed three amendments to the government’s Bill 71 to: stop the PCs from clawing back tax credits for renters, put an end to education cuts, and prevent the Premier from signing rebate cheques to buy votes.

“No family in these hard times wants to see the government raise their monthly expenses or cut funding to their kids’ school,” said Kinew. “But that’s exactly what this government is set on doing. Instead of running vaccine clinics 24/7, helping renters and investing in our children’s future, the Premier wants to waste time and money to send Manitobans his autograph. What families in Manitoba need right now is a government that’s focused on helping them through the third wave and building a better future for their kids.”

The Manitoba NDP introduced three Report Stage amendments to Bill 71 today. One which would bar the province from issuing rebate checks if education funding levels are cut or fails to keep up with inflation increases. Another amendment would protect renters by maintaining their full $700 tax credit. The final amendment would ensure the Premier and his cabinet do not use these rebate cheques to promote themselves or their party.

“Manitobans don’t want Pallister’s autograph,” said NDP Finance Critic Mark Wasyliw. “They want affordable rent and a quality education for their children and grandchildren. It’s time for the PC government to stop their vote-buying tricks and put Manitobans first.”