NDP Urge Premier Stefanson to Call in Military Support for Hospitals and Help Local Businesses

December 22, 2021

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Metis, Winnipeg MB— Today while cases surge and more critical surgeries are postponed, the Manitoba NDP urged Premier Stefanson to abandon Pallister’s failed pandemic response and act now to bolster our healthcare system and support local businesses. The NDP called on the Premier to call in the military to staff up hospitals and offer immediate business supports to help local employers survive the fourth wave.

“Manitobans will never forget how Pallister refused to call in the military to protect our loved ones in Personal Care Homes during the second wave,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “Now Premier Stefanson is repeating his mistakes. The Premier needs to call in the military now so we can give Manitobans the timely, quality healthcare they need in their home communities.”

A recent letter written by Manitoba doctors states that “we need more help” and pleads with the province to call in the armed forces to help maintain ICU capacity and ensure Manitoban's healthcare needs are met.

“It’s clear to every Manitoban that 8 nurses are not enough to get us through the fourth wave,” said NDP Healthcare Critic Uzoma Asagwara. “We need more help now to support our healthcare workers, increase our ICU capacity and help Manitobans who are waiting for surgeries and tests get their lives back.”

The NDP are also calling on the province to provide financial supports to businesses that are impacted by the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions and additional resources to help them enforce public health orders.

“Workers and local business owners are doing everything they can to adapt to new restrictions and keep their customers safe, but they shouldn’t have to carry that burden alone,” said NDP Critic for Economic Development and Training, Jamie Moses. “We should know by now that business supports need to go hand-in-hand with increased restrictions so we can keep people safe and keep our economy moving. Premier Stefanson needs to throw-out Pallister’s pandemic playbook and give workers and small businesses the help they need to pay their bills and keep Manitobans safe.”