Pallister Ignores Northern Families’ Priorities In Budget Consultations

Treaty 5 Territory, Thompson, MB — Danielle Adams, NDP MLA for Thompson, condemned the Pallister government today for failing to meaningfully engage with northern Manitoba families at a budget consultation session earlier this week.

Conservative Finance Minister Scott Fielding announced he would be holding public budget consultations in November, yet waited until mid-January to host an event in northern Manitoba. The Minister gave less than a week’s notice to the public in advance of the consultation and held the event in the late afternoon—a time when most Northerners are at work or with their families. "Once again, Mr. Pallister is out of touch with northern Manitobans,” said Adams. “Thompson is one of the biggest hubs in the entire northern region, yet our community was clearly just an afterthought for the Premier and his Minister. Northerners have a right to meaningful participation on a matter as important as the provincial budget.”

With mere weeks to go before the provincial budget is announced, Fielding’s consultation was sparsely attended due to the short notice given to stakeholders and the public. Citizens were expressing their frustration with the lack of notice, the short amount of time given for discussion, and the closeness of the budget announcement.

The majority of attendees were left wondering why the Finance Minister came at all, given that the budget is nearing the final stages of completion. Adams encourages Thompson and area residents to share their ideas and feedback with her. “Pallister’s failure to engage citizens in the North is woefully disappointing. The NDP are here to listen to northern families because we value this region and the people who call it home.


My constituency office remains open to the public and I am ready to engage with my constituents.” MLA Danielle Adams’ office is at 402-79 Selkirk Ave, Thompson.


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