PC MLA thinks Islamic educational supports for schools aren't a priority


Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Metis, Winnipeg MB – MLA for Borderland, Josh Guenter, says the need for anti-Islamophobia support should not be a priority.

Yesterday, in an interview, MLA Guenter discussed his position on the government’s Throne Speech. Repeating the same talking points as the PC Official Opposition in the house, he said:

“Their [Government] priorities? Islamic tool kits in schools written by Muslim faith leaders,”. Guenter continued saying “I fundamentally believe their priorities are misaligned with where Manitobans are at today”.

Unlike the Official Opposition, the Manitoba NDP Caucus understands there are families are worried about a rise in hate-related violence and discrimination against marginalized groups, including Muslims.

In the last campaign Manitobans voted to reject the PC Opposition’s divisive rhetoric in favour of Premier Kinew’s message of unity. It’s disappointing to see the Opposition continue to repeat their damaging and hurtful messaging.

The Manitoba NDP Caucus is urging MLA Guenter to apologize to Manitobans for his comments, and for the Leader of the Official Opposition to clearly condemn such divisive rhetoric and commit to standing with the NDP Caucus against hate in all forms.