PC Opposition say no to call for ceasefire


Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Metis, Winnipeg MB - Yesterday Manitoba Government introduced a motion in the Legislature for the House to affirm its commitment to calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and to address the famine crisis. The motion was preceded by a speech from Premier Kinew that urged the Legislature to stand together “with the values that unite us Manitobans – respect for human rights, a desire to live in peace and pluralism, and a commitment to advance reconciliation”. 

While the Manitoba NDP Caucus supports calls for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid, the Opposition prevented a vote on the motion Monday afternoon and continues to block it today. The opposition repeatedly blocked attempts to move to a vote. PC MLAs Kelvin Goretzen, Ron Schuler, Obby Khan, Derek Johnson and interim Leader Wayne Ewasko stood up to delay a motion vote on the floor. 

“Today, we should be standing together as one Manitoba committing to our shared respect and compassion for humanity. Not only are the PCs blocking this vote, but they are also trying to hide the fact that they are blocking it,” said Deputy House Leader, David Pankratz. “They owe Manitobans an explanation - why won’t they vote on this important issue? Will they stop trying to run away and simply say where they stand on the record?” 

We encourage the Opposition to vote unanimously in favour of the motion and unite behind the calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.