PCs Continue to Ignore Climate Emergency in Hydro’s 20-Year Plan

February 25, 2021

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg, MB – The PC Government continues to ignore science, and fails to take the climate emergency seriously, in their longterm plans for Manitoba Hydro. Power point slides from Hydro’s 20-year strategic plan, obtained by the Manitoba NDP, indicate that Hydro plans to deliberately slow the introduction of electric vehicle technology, allow cabinet to dictate energy policy, and views the 2030 Federal net zero mandate as a risk.

“Manitobans from rural, urban, and Northern communities all want a safer, healthier environment for their kids,” said Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “The climate crisis is one of the most important challenges of our lifetime but the PCs continue to cut Hydro subsidiaries like Manitoba Hydro International and raise rates instead of focusing on the environmental potential of Hydro. It’s time for the PCs to take the climate crisis seriously and work with Hydro to help families do their part to solve global warming – like purchasing an electric vehicle.”

None of the 5 pillars of Hydro’s strategic plan mention climate or the environment. The slides make no mention of the climate crisis and do not acknowledge Hydro’s potential to dramatically lower emissions. Instead the slides suggest that electrification be “paced” and warn against “exponential growth” in demand for renewable energy if Federal emissions targets are met.

“Manitobans take climate change seriously,” said Manitoba NDP Critic for the Environment, Lisa Naylor. “Governments have important role to play in helping families make choices that are good for the environment and keep life affordable. But we’ve seen time and time again this government shirking that responsibility. If the Manitoba NDP were in government we would make sure that strategic plans for Manitoba Hydro addressed the climate crisis by making it easier for families to make cleaner, greener energy choices.”


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