PCs Hidden Education Funding Review Will Lead to Cuts

January 19, 2023

New documents obtained by the Official Opposition reveal the PC Government’s funding model for schools, now delayed until after the provincial election, lays the groundwork for classroom
cuts. “Kids have been through so much these past few years but now the Premier is looking to cut school funding,” said Wab Kinew, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Heather Stefanson seconded Bill 64 and voted to make class sizes bigger for kids - only the PCs and Premier Stefanson would think now is the time for more cuts for teachers, educators and students”.

A “Draft Framework for the New K-12 Funding Model” was obtained through Freedom of Information request detailing how it cost at least $600,000 to develop. The draft framework outlines the funding model review will not determine “whether K-12 funding is adequate” and or where funds will be found to “compensate for the changes to education property taxes” while outlining proposals that remain hidden. The PCs plan to eliminate the education property taxes will clearly leave schools without adequate funding from the classroom. “It’s clear the PCs are hiding their funding model because it will lead to more cuts to the classroom - and they are making it even worse by preparing to cut more”, said Nello Altomare, education critic for the Official Opposition.

“Schools have told us about how classrooms are getting bigger, there are fewer teachers and educators and programs have to be cut because of the PCs decisions. The PCs should stop hiding their plan and reveal it today so Manitobans can decide if they want more cuts to the classroom or not”.

The Manitoba Government has so far failed to announce its Funding of Schools Program for the next school year. All school divisions are bound by law to pass budgets for the next school year.

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