Privatization of Government Air Services Leads to Failure to Launch

Feb 10, 2023

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg MBThe Official Opposition condemned the Stefanson Government’s privatization agenda as it makes Manitobans pay more and get less while undermining the justice system.

“Heather Stefanson was justice minister when they gave a multi-million dollar contract to Exchange Income Corporation for court air services. Now we learn court dates are being cancelled and the justice system in the North is falling apart because of the failure of this privatization scheme”, said Nahanni Fontaine, NDP Justice Critic.

According to the Government’s own 2019 press release “A single court delay in the northern region of Manitoba costs on average $10,000 and extended delays can lead to cases being thrown out of court.” Media reports indicate upwards of 185 cases have been delayed in the past few months alone.

“It’s clear the Government’s privatization efforts have been a failure and they now admit they are looking at “at options with other industry partners” which only means more waste while the justice system for both victims, accused and other participants falls further apart”, said Fontaine.