Save Roblin's ER

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that now is the time to invest in health care, not cut. But the Pallister government has shut down Roblin's emergency room in the middle of a pandemic making life harder for families in Roblin and the surrounding area.

This is all a part of the Conservative's Phase 2 plan of cuts to rural health care - a plan that makes no sense because it was designed by high-priced consultants not people who live in rural Manitoba.

As Manitoba's Official Opposition we are fighting for health care in Roblin and the surrounding area and working with rural families to demand that Pallister reverse his cuts to diagnostic and emergency services in Roblin.

You can take action by printing our Legislative petition and collecting signatures. 

You can send pages with signatures by fax, email or mail so they may be tabled before the Legislative Assembly.

Fax: 204-948-2005

Email: [email protected]

Mail: Manitoba NDP Caucus

234-450 Broadway

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8